Yare Valley Rapeseed Oil

Yare Valley Rapeseed Oil


500ml Yare Valley Rapeseed Oil. 


Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. This is our flagship and original cold pressed oil and the foundation to everything we produce here on our farm at Yare Valley.

We press the seeds that we grow by mechanical means without using any chemicals or solvents for an incredibly pure oil that is filtered twice. It is perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.

As it is cold pressed to retain all its nutritional benefits such as Omega 3, Vitamin E and ½ saturated fat of extra virgin olive oil it means it is a delicate enough oil for dressing and dipping, but with a natural burn point of around 240 degrees it can also be used for frying and roasting as well as for both sweet and savoury baking where you might otherwise use butter or margarine


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